Did you know that its almost impossible to have every size of box ready to go in a warehouse because there are an infinite amount of combination of sizes !

Not to worry we might not have every size ready to go but with our amazing Custom Sized Boxes Formula and this step by step article to help you with how to order you custom sized box or boxes we guarantee you that this will be like any other walk in the park !

1. After reaching our website, just press on the “ GET STARTED ON YOUR CUSTOMIZED BOX NOW” button that is placed right under the introduction to our website.

2. You will then be sent to the Custom Corrugated Boxes page and once you scroll down you are going to want to press on the custom sized boxes button !

3. Once you have followed step two you will have our Custom sized boxes Request Form ! And Before I say anything else just check out this awesome step by step checklist so that you know exactly how to order your custom sized boxes !

4. If after that checklist you still find yourself a bit confused don’t worry we have all been there and we know that making the perfect box is very difficult ! So all you have to do is fill out the form as best as you can and on the section titled “ Additional information…” Just let us know you would like some step by step help with creating your box and we will make sure to help you out immediately !

If you crushed it and filled everything up, you will submit the form and in 24 hours or less you will be contacted by one of our team members to review and confirm all the information provided 🙂

5. After everything is confirmed and you are 100% satisfied with your box we will add it to you cart and have you fill out all the required information at check out so that then we can ship your boxes to you !

Hope this step by step checklist helped you and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask us ! Just go to our Contact us section ! Keep up the great work and know that we are here to help you reach all your goals and aspirations!