I remember just a couple of years ago I came to the realization that packaging is everywhere, and that a product’s packaging really impacts the end user’s decision on whether or not they are going to purchase the product.

For example, one of my favorite clothing brands is called Chubbies and they sell some pretty unique looking clothes. I remember when I was getting ready to purchase my first order with them I felt a little skeptical because I had never purchased anything from them, they were exclusively an online retailer and they were not cheap! We are talking about $60 plus for a pair of khaki shorts!

Nevertheless, I moved forward with my purchase and anxiously waited for my package to arrive. When I received my package I was absolutely mind blown ! My shorts came in a mailer style box with the Chubbies name printed all over the box in different shades of blue and with one big Chubbies logo printed on the top face of the mailer box in white. You see I hadn’t even opened my box and I was already in love with the brand, their packaging alone made me feel confident and good about my purchase. I then opened the box and in the interior of the top face of the mailer styled box was stated“ Welcome to Paradise,” if I’m completely honest I could care less about the product itself at that moment. I was just thinking of different uses for the box itself once I took the shorts out. To this day I have that same Chubbies box and todayChubbies is my favorite clothing brand.

So, what exactly is the point of that story? Well the effect that that one Chubbies box had on me is an effect you might have had with something you bought online or in store and because of that feeling or emotion you automatically connected to the company and continued to purchase from them. Other perfect examples of companies that make feel good packaging include, Gucci, Burberry, Tiffany and, even candy companies ! You never see them selling you a product in a plain brown box, their boxes are always printed with their brand’s logo and you always seem to have a hard time throwing those boxes away.

So to answer the question, feel good packaging is packaging that will make you feel something, an emotion, happiness, its that box you keep in your closet or under your bed for the rest of your life because it had an impact on you and has value to you.

Now, I know that typically small to medium companies are pushed away from branding their packaging or customizing it because it’s almost imposible to get numbers that work accordingly to you and your company, it’s either really high prices or really high minimum order quantities. This is why we created this new site, we want to make sure that the numbers work with where you are at in your timeline to a successful company or brand. And most importantly we want to make sure that every end user you have is left with that feeling that Feel Good Packaging creates !

I want to finish this with one of my favorite quotes from Steve Jobs, “Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business.”