Our goal is help you find your Feel Good Packaging! When comparing our amazing PrintWiz to other branded Printed Tape you are saving over $20 per roll of 110 yards as when you do the math, since every ink cartridge lasts over 8,000 yards that means you are only paying around $3 for a roll of 110 yards of printed tape VS $19 for a roll of 33 yards from the competition! Stop over paying for Printed Tape !

We're On A Real Mission !

Here at Feel Good Packaging we are determined to help all size businesses with obtaining AFFORDABLE customized packaging! We believe that your business should have the opportunity to customize all of your packaging supplies to really show off your brand and products without having to overpay or overload your inventories! Bringing new innovative ways to customize your packaging supplies!


Here are some tips on how to package your awesome Products!

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